Chicago Horror Film Festival

I'm one of the artist's featured in the Chicago Horror Film Fest's Art Of Horror   exhibit  this Friday the 24th thru Sunday the 26th at the Portage theater in Chicago.

With 3 days of movies. performers,  vendors, contests and a full day devoted to all things zombie it's going to be a great time. Don't Miss it!

Chicago Horror Film Fest


September 24th – 26th 2010
at the historic
Portage theater- 4050 N. Milwaukee Chicago, Illinois

Hell Erupts at Chicago comic con: Photos- first batch


I've uploaded the first batch of photos of those brave souls who posed with the "Greetings from Hell Erupts" painting at the 2010 Chicago Comic con. You can see them here

More pics will be added soon!

(note: if your in the picture and your having trouble downloading the full size version from flickr let me know)

Hell Erupts at Chicago comic con.

Somehow I went from being on vacation directly to working around the clock to get ready for some upcoming events....

....Starting this weekend with the  Chicago comic-con!  I'm on the main page and everything (under comic/toy creators.) I even have my own bio page.

I have some cool new stuff for this show including more art,  the premiere of a new artbook and I'll have my LARGEST PAINTING EVER on display with a new feature that lets you become part of the painting!

There will be more Hell Erupts preview pages on display and who knows what other goodies (well, I know but then It wouldn't be a surprise)

I'm in Artists Alley at table 3250 , stop by and say hi!


Quick update and orignal Hell Erupts art.

I just finished a huge job and am taking a bit of a vacation before getting back into the thick of things. Big announcements coming soon.

I was going through my archive and came across what may be the first character designs for Hell Erupts, circa 1996-


Some characters underwent major redesigns since then but, yeah, they all show up in the story somewhere.

Seriously!... Really?!...

... In less than a year I've had a total of 2 computers, 4 hard drives, 3 flash drives, my scanner and my printer all go kaput on me. (So if your wondering why Hell Erupts isn't  farther along, 'putter problems are a big part of it)

moving forward ....